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All successful men are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.

Being mentored to become more like another individual is very different and very limited compared to coaching.

Unlike mentoring, in coaching a man is not attempting to become more like the coach. In business and life coaching the man’s  goal is to reach his unique and full potential and to become the best that he can be based on who they are and tackle their own specific challenges.

Mentoring also tends to have a power position entailing one way communication with little participation from the client. Coaching is distinctly different because a coach holds that an man is a strong, smart, creative and resourceful force that should be utilized during the coaching process!

Consultation in order to gain knowledge on a subject, field or focus has it’s many uses and applications in business and life but is fundamentally very different and very limited compared to coaching men indivually.

Although teaching is involved in the coaching process ultimately
business and life coaching for men goes beyond just the accumulation of knowledge
 and into action and change as you reflect on both business and life and apply new principals and ways of thinking as they pertain to your goals and challenges. These kinds of realizations and discoveries are much more powerful, deeper and longer lasting because they go to the core of who you are!


A business and life coach for a man does provide answers, but if coaching were simply a question and answer period, you would probably be better off simply reading a book, watching a DVD or searching the Internet with google.

The power of coaching comes from the interaction between the you and coach. Neither a book, a DVD nor the Internet can react to you and take into account your uniqueness: your personality, your values, your strengths, your beliefs, your goals and your desires. A business and life coach for men on the other hand takes all of these things into account and deals with exactly what you bring to a coaching session. This is why a coach is able to help bring about significant changes in mans life.

Rather than dealing specifically with the past or a past trauma, business and life coaching for men is about moving forward from where you are to where you want to be and who you want to be in business and in life. In other words, coaching helps you over come your challenges and attain your goals. In that sense business and life coaching for men has a “present to future” orientation compared with the “past to present” orientation of therapy and counseling. No man needs coaching, but every man can benefit from it!

A man does not need to have gone through the same situation or event as the person they are helping in order to assist them. It would be like saying a doctor needs to have had cancer to treat cancer. What they do need is proper and professional knowledge and training that adds to their natural abilities in order to maximize results!

While experience can be valuable, it is also totally useless unless one reflects and learns the right things from it. Even then every man is different and hence the insights learned often only pertain to that specific individual and their specific situation! That is why two different people can go through exactly the same situation and experience it in a totally different manner.

The truth is what works for one person will not necessarily work for another and often doesn’t. That is why solutions to challenges and goals must be uniquely tailored to each unique individual! 

Feeling greater happiness, more optimism and increased positivity are all great results of coaching, but that does not mean you will or should feel this way all of the time no matter what is happening in your life. Similarly coaching is not viewing or seeing everything from a “positive” perspective no matter what obstacles and barriers are in your way. The perspective you are in is an extremely important part of coaching, after all you need to believe that their are solutions to your challenges and that you can achieve those solutions. However, you also need to see things as they really are, accurately and realistically to actually find those solutions and implement them! Imagining things to be something other than what they are is not going to help you or anyone deal with reality!

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